The Ruth Ramstrand School of Nursing is committed to training and building up a web of qualified Nurses to serve humanity throughout the length and breadth of Liberia and our Global village; to fill the gap of inadequate number of healthcare providers especially in rural areas.

The purpose of the Ruth Ramstrand School of Nursing embedded within the Free Pentecostal College is to provide quality medical education for all desiring to become Registered Nurses who wish to study at the college living within Lofa County.  This does not exclude those who are anxious to be trained and to get involved in health care delivery from other counties in the Republic of Liberia as this is explicitly explained by our motto:  “Enter to learn; leave to serve’.  Students will be trained.  It seeks to offer quality nursing education to our students that will enable them to serve as nurses in clinics, health centers & hospitals, community health nurses, clinical supervisors, etc.