About Us

Missionary Anders Lindgren and his wife just before the Liberian civil war did not serve as teachers but help in the structuring of the Institute. The Institute motto, ‘Enter to Learn and Leave to Serve’ was selected. The late Sedee of the Liberia Christian Assembly and Pastor Zubah taught in the Institute as part-time teachers.

The Institute was closed in July 1990 due to the Liberian civil war and was reopened in Monrovia in 1998, at which time Pastors Anthony Tarnue, Ivan Gizzie of the International Free Pentecostal Church taught in the Institute for a short time. In March 2000, the Institute was transferred to its original location- Voinjama and operated at the time as mobile Bible school as Pastor Kilba travelled to the interior Free Pentecostal mother Churches and taught their members in their churches. The Institute was closed again due to rebels advancement in Lofa County and was reopened in Monrovia again in 2002. Pastors Ndebeh Varfee of the Voinjama Free Pentecostal Church, Tage Swollay, Joseph Barnah of the God’s Glory Free Pentecostal and John Lendor of the Foya Free Pentecostal Church served as teachers of the Institute during this period; Pastor John Lendor also served as the second College Board Chairperson.

In 2007, the Institute was reopened in its Campus in Voinjama. It was at this time through the influence of Pastor Jallah Kormah and others the Business, the Nursing and the Education departments were added to the Institute. The Institute name was again changed from Free Pentecostal Bible College to Free Pentecostal College in 2010. Since then many good people have been serving in the College with Dr. Olufade Toyin as a new President replacing Pastor Kilba, followed by the third President, Dr. Shalom Nimene and now the fourth President, Dr. Joseph Glenn.

Since 1985, the College has been graduating students who have completed the required courses from four departments and are making meaningful contribution to the society.