Welcome to our Website

Dr. GlennThanks for your quest for making the Free Pentecostal College your interest. I want to welcome you home. At FPC, we encourage academic excellence through collective efforts. This journey you have taken will bring you good dividend after graduation.

I want to say again you have made a good decision to enroll here at our College.

Free Pentecostal College is a faith based institution that stands for quality and excellent performance not only in the classroom, but in the community at large. 

I assure you a good stay here at our institution and encourage all students to fully participate in all our activities here on campus.

At Free Pentecostal College, we expect all of our students to be law abiding, tolerant with authorities, peers, regardless of social background, religious and other tribal groups. 

 I also encourage you to reach for the stars in your endeavor as a student here at Free Pentecostal College.

Thanks, may God bless!  

Dr. Joseph N. Glenn